Matí Klarwein is Dreaming Light

“I’m going to turn into a dream and then you’ll be in real trouble”

photo courtesy the Klarwein family
It’s not even Joni Mitchel, but it is a big Joni Mitchel face with a stiff lip and a mean look.
“Dalí, Fish, Maiden, Dalí, Pickle” illustration by the author
Jesse and Matí - Mallorca, Spain, 2001
“Crucifixion” by Matí Klarwein / photo by the author

He made me laugh when he said that he used to draw beautiful naked women, and now he drew rocks. “I have noticed that I am lately becoming what in my earlier and silly years I would have qualified as rather silly.”

skate photos by Jesse Kiendl
Abdul Matí Klarwein - Mallorca, Spain, 2001

I draw, write, & sometimes publish books. Drug wars, oceans, jails, children's books.

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